The work of fine-arts photographer Charles Ruscher

Sometimes Spirit connects us in amazing ways. Such was meeting Charles Ruscher. His stunningly beautiful works of art move me. The night skies take me back to camping in my youth . . . back when the milky way was more visible.

But beyond the beauty of his work, I discovered we share values. Charles says, "Photography is my yoga." This is fine art, not stock photography. I've been honored to pay for a site license so his work may appear across the site. I said I wanted to promote him; he offered the note below. Should you want his work too, the link to his full portfolio is at the bottom.


"My devotion has tuned to the Goddess of Photography and as a devotee, I am allowing this practice to blossom.  I enjoy the passion for myself and the few others who either happen upon my photos or play in front of my lens.  Having allowed photography to be purely a creative experience, I am practicing the art of trust as well, for I am beginning to understand that I have been blessed to have a genius who is willing to play and inspire me to the amazing place of the heart when I do . . . trust."

Charles Ruscher


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Ask to secure rights to use or reproduce any of Charles Ruscher's work, and he says this . . .

"Imagine a monk whose hermitage is the whole World. A man who doesn't seek to have much nor need much. One who prays for the World through the art of capturing light, and shining that light, in gratitude with trust, compassion, and most of all love, back into the World using photography.

You have found this monk by the side of a path with a little bowl. What would place in the bowl?"