About why we're different. Where we came from.

What we believe. And what we'd like to manifest together.


Guided Star is the work and passion of Tim Brady.  At this point in my life, my goal is to be in service.  Healing the world is a huge task.  We can argue politics for hours and nothing alters.  But if you lead a man into wellness and heal his pain - be it physical, mental, or emotional - the change happens from the inside out.  We learn compassion, tolerance, and our connection.

This is how we change the world . . . one person at a time.

Having met a thousand holistic healers in my work, I know that promoting them, helping them do this important work, is at least a part of where I am best placed.

But if you’re living in your passion – or working to find it – then you’re in service as you can be.  So if I can help you make this world better in your way, I’d be honored.

What makes any of us different is our own unique blend of talents and experiences.  And so it is with me.  One of my testimonials writes, Tim’s greatest strength is his breadth . . . the rare ability to bring it all together and another says it may be that his intuition is his greatest gift.”  Those feel accurate.  I’m good at and know a decent bit about a lot.  Seeing how it all works together and intuiting a way forward for the highest good, then being able to put that energetically into being . . . that’s when I feel most blessed.

Let’s co-create.  Let’s birth something fantastic.


My Bio

I grew up outside Washington, D.C. and studied photography at Rochester Institute of Technology, but instead found a calling in helping people apply technologies.  25+ years were spent in Sales and Marketing positions in fast-growth tech companies, and this provides a foundation for my work.

Through that, I provided consultative services to a thousand companies, from Fortune 100 on down.  In the go-go years of the 90’s, I became a specialist in early-stage angel/venture-funded start-ups; besides being fabulous experiences, it was doctoral-level coursework in manifesting.

Following the tech stock crash, I transitioned into consulting, founding Guided Star in 2003.  Collaborating with freelancers and partner firms brings together the right resources to complement the needs of the client.

But in 2009, something fairly astonishing happened . . .

The Be Well Years

A prayer for work to be more meaningful was answered with a lightning bolt.  A meeting with holistic health practitioners from psychotherapists to yoga teachers turned into a pretty magical night.  We shared a desire to work beyond ourselves for the greater good.  We birthed the concept of Be Well; a free holistic health publication giving voice to practitioners and a beacon of wellness education for the general public.

90 days later the first issue appeared (Sept, 2009) and soon, four regional Be Well World editions with 83,000 copies were being distributed to 3,000 locations in the D.C./Balt area.  We were demystifying the modalities of holistic health and succeeding at a remarkable educational objective.  We were changing lives and we grew the market for holistic health services.

It was wonderful; I was writing, editing, building and creating, along with my inspired designer/astrologer/yogini, Twink McKenney, a beautiful publication.  We had thousands of practitioners and held dozens of free networking events.  I was surrounded by angels, earthbound and otherwise.


Another Transition

Yet, as extraordinarily rewarding as it all was, there was a price to be paid.  We had tremendous love from practitioners, but we needed more.  It saw me working 70 hour weeks and after six years, it was an unsustainable work/life balance.  It was the wellness magazine that was killing me.  Funny how sometimes we teach what we must learn.

So, in another leap into the unknown, I made the decision to close down in 2015 (Be Well today thrives as an online resource with free offerings for practitioners).  Reimagining what I wanted life to look like, I went for the extreme.  Gabriel, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and I packed up and moved to Sarasota, Florida.

Ever my angel, Gabriel got me there but showed that his time was limited.  We had six indulgent weeks together, the most precious of gifts.  In his memory, I made a contribution to Cavalier Rescue of Florida and ended up becoming active in the rescue operations.  On Gabriel’s birthday, I got a call to ask if I could foster a young dog – nothing less than another of many cosmic winks – and, of course, I did.

A New Life Unfolds

We were pulling dogs out of an abusive puppy mill.  These pups were emotionally scarred like nothing I had ever seen; they ran rather than be touched and thought nothing of wallowing in their own filth.  Any human contact they might have ever had wasn't good.  It’s unimaginable the mistreatment these dogs must have suffered.  My foster recovered quickly though and we found her the perfect home.  She was renamed Gabby in a touching nod to Gabriel’s hand in this all.  I wrote about her and the Angels of Alligator Alley for the rescue newsletter.

My angels were fast and furious at work now.  I met Regina and fell in love . . . quickly.  Soon we found a 1,500 sq ft mid-century modern on a lake just a bike ride from the beach.  I put a contract on it the next day and proposed marriage.

I tell you these stories not expecting that you should be that interested in my life, but to say how amazingly Spirit can manifest a new reality when you let it.


Rescue Redux

More puppies were rescued from the mill, and I agreed to foster "Raphael" and then "Flynn" from an overwhelmed foster soon after.  These two were even more traumatized than the others.  One lost his bowels the first time I touched him, and again every time for months.  They bonded immediately, but it was a double-edged sword as the immense fear was mutually supportive and progress was hard to see.

But they were drawn to Regina, and vice versa, and when she agreed to be my wife, fostering turned into adoptions.  We couldn’t see anyone else being as sensitive, nor want to further traumatize them with another change.  Together with Regina’s three rescued cats, we had ourselves a family.

Now, I can tell you the boys are doing well, though the development has been excruciatingly slow.  Leashes stayed on all the time for the first six months because getting close enough to put them on sent them into distress.  Yet, when progress is so hard won, it has a sweetness that is previously unimaginable.  On a weekly basis, either of us may break into tears at the simplest little advance.

I was in service again, though in a way I had never envisioned.  I was surrounded by healing and love.  Life has been transformed.

Today, my desk sits with this idyllic view of our lake, with gorgeous tropical waterfowl swooping in to distract me into meditation.  To say I am blessed is an understatement, but our gratitude practice seems to nourish that to ever higher levels.

From here, as I step into service again under my Guided Star moniker, I want to tell you that you can manifest the wonderful, passionate life that you were meant to have.  If I can help you be in service and be fulfilled, I’d be honored.


Blessings and Be Well!   Tim


Charles Ruscher, Photographer

Have you been moved, like I was, by the photography across the pages here?  Let me introduce you to the work of fine-arts photographer Charles Ruscher.  I’ve dedicated this page to his work and you can view more of his stunning photographs as well as contact him to make some your own!